To students;

  • University and course selection advice
  • Coordination with relevant university admission office
  • Assistance in seeking accommodation
  • Visa application assistance
  • Ticketing
  • Travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure support
  • Airport pick-ups
  • Orientation services ( country,city, university, lifestyle, culture, climate etc.)


To institutions;

We fully understand the pivotal role education consultancy plays in international student recruitment. Acting as the local face of the university, we remain committed to providing students with the most accurate information, fast application process and positive outcome. For effective student recruitment, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of the target group. We are proud to say that we have developed expertise in the field of student recruitment solutions in Kenya.

Our team of consultants is composed of well-trained experienced individuals who have lived and schooled in oversees countries. With such experıence of foreign countrıes in our workforce we believe we have the required team to identify strong selling points for foreign universities which are particularly based on the skill level, practicability and a proper resource base.

We are keen to enter into a strategic working arrangement with your institution to provide our students with all necessary information and guidance regarding university education opportunities you offer and the country in general. In that regard we undertake to tentatively assist in recruiting qualified students who meet the requırements for various academic departments in your university, conduct seminars and education fairs; hold advising sessions and presentations in leading schools all over Kenya, at mutual convenience and acceptance.

With our experience and expertise, we pledge to provide the following services and assistance to your institution:

  • Organizing event marketing activities (publicity and promotion events) for your institution such as information days in Kenya, student recruitment education fairs, seminars among others.
  • Co-operation with Kenyan secondary schools and other target institutions
  • Conducting advising sessions and unlimited professional consultation
  • Preparation of customized communication tools such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, and use of social media tools.
  • Reporting to your institution the progress and status of student recruitment as will be mutually agreed
  • Overall coordination of your visits to Kenya
  • Recruitment of eligible students for suitable programs on your behalf.
  • Represent you to potential students on a year-round basis.
  • Provide you with up-to-date and reliable market information and tell you which programs local students are currently seeking.
  • Distribute your promotional materials on a regular basis.
  • Advertise in targeted local student media on your behalf.
  • Represent you at local student fairs and exhibitions.
  • Pre-arrange appointments and speaking opportunities for you.
  • Provide you with a local office infrastructure when you visit the area. With local knowledge, AECL can help you plan and streamline local marketing such as advertising or mail shots, which will make your marketing in KENYA and THE EAST AFRICAN region more successful and cost-effective.