Anatolia Tuition Centre offers high quality Home Schooling and Tuition

At Anatolia Tuition Center, we believe that the best environment for students to excel in learning is one that is stress-free, calm, and where they get the full support both from the tutors and the facilities provided. Whatever your education needs are/be, it matters of concentration or motivation, reading, science or maths, or last minute revision for exams – we are here to help!

Our staff are not just tutors but fully qualified experienced teachers with a caring and personal approach to every student they are assigned. By regularly engaging with the parents/guardians, and listening to the students’ needs, we ensure that the tuition offered is individually planned, relevant to the syllabus and enjoyable for the student.



A) Week Day Full Time Classes/Private Candidates

This program is for students who don’t attend regular schools. Anatolia Tuition Centre offers A comprehensive, fully-timetabled plan, Latest past papers and revision materials, Flexible plans, Assistance in registering for examination for these students. Subjects offered at Anatolia Tuition Centre for this group are; English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Ict, Sociology, Swahili, Business Studies and Science. We have two types of program at our Tuition Centre;

a) Centre Based

  • Regular group
  • Irregular group
  • One on One


b) Home-Based

  • Group class
  • One on One

Our target students for this program are Year9, Year10, Year11 and Year12.


B) Exam Preparation/Resits/Accelerated Syllabus Coverage

At Anatolia Tuition Centre, we strive to reduce the pressure of exams and tests by adequately equiping our students to combat examinations with confidence in order to achieve finest grades.


C) Weekend Classes and After School Classes

Anatolia Tuition Centre offers weekend classes and after school classes for regular school students and private candidates.

At our Tuition Centre, our lessons start 9am and finish 1pm for weekend classes on Saturdays.

At our Tuition Centre, our lessons start 3:30pm and finish 6:30pm for after school classes from Monday to Friday.