Tuition Center

  • Do you need extra help to overcome a difficulty in math or science?
  • Or perhaps a little extra time and support to fully grasp a concept?
  • Or are the exams and tests approaching and extra preparation might come in handy?

As a student, for whatever reason you may need to be extended beyond the level that is available in your regular school, Anatolia Tuition Center is here to meet your needs.


We focus on the following aspects, which we feel in our experience are key to improving student confidence and academic performance:

  • Intensive revision of core topics
  • Emphasis on understanding
  • Identification of the most common types of questions set on individual topic areas
  • Development of appropriate question/answering techniques
  • Improvement of study and revision skills
  • To deal with any gaps in knowledge
  • To increase confidence
  • Anatolia Prep Tests (APT Tests) which assess a student’s preparedness for a particular exam. These are continuous exams offered on the first and third Saturday of the month.



  • Experienced, qualified and reliable tutors for every student
  • Specialized individual attention to each child
  • Customized assignments and continuous assessments/parent feedback
  • Conducive learning environment with one-to-one tutoring and small-group settings where each student’s needs are important.
  • Affordable and highly discounted rates.
  • Conveniently located off Riara Road