Why You Should not Despair after High school

Have you just graduated from high school and have a super clear idea of what you want to do with your life going forward? Excellent. If not, keep reading.
Congratulations if you stuck with and did not drop out. High school is very important. Your entire school life is very important. More the experience than the grades. Yes, what you learn and execute on is more important that what a piece of paper says about you. That said, I think you will agree with me that who you are and how you think is a result of your experiences you had with you friends, teachers, your parents and generally the environment you were in during your school years. Therefore, even making a new choice now will be determined by those factors and it will not be a guarantee you will make the best choice so be ready to make mistakes.
Opportunities will always come to you in one shape or another, the aim is to see them when they come your way and use the chance. Whether you failed or passed in high school is not an indicator of how many more opportunities you will get in life. Remember what influences your choice? Who you are and how you think? Sit with friends, teachers or parents and discover yourself and how you see your life going forwards.
What do you really want?
To be successful? Successful in what?
Why do you even want what you want?
If you can answer those simple questions with one clear sentence, you are on your way to achieving success. That said, lets look at learning paths that can create a meaningful experience for you.
If you have ever been curious about how computers work, you are a logical thinker or just a creative tinker, you should consider learning computer tech. This can be computer hardware or software engineering at a college or university. With Computers you can always learn it in addition to doing other courses, or do it as a hobby. Here are your options:

University Degrees
The advantage with this is you will have exposure and interaction with friends and form relationships and connections with them.
University of the People Bachelor & Associate online Degrees in Computer Science
Computer Science Degrees in local and international Universities
Online Education( Degrees or certificates)
You can pursue this in a addition to other options you have. The disadvantage with this path is you are a bit isolated. Some of these courses are offered by the Top universities and lecturers in the world, like MIT, Harvard and Stanford
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming from MIT at edx can be used to attain credits that you can transfer between universities
Nano-degree courses from Udacity e.g Intro Computer Programming(Learn to code)
Coding Bootcamps
There are intensive computer programming courses that prepare you for market in 3–6 months as a software applications developer. This programs do not require any prior knowledge of Computer Science but it is INTENSIVE. Some of them are already in Kenya and you can join them.
Moringa School
Andela  -  a school more elite that harvard according to CNN  – you get paid from the day you get accepted
Hack reactor  -  you can join from Kenya(online) or travel abroad
To me learning a new language is like being born again( no pun intended), I feel I have a new identity and culture I can relate to.
“One Language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way” Franck Smith
You can decide to learn a foreign language based on the following
1) Ten most spoken languages in the world (English, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Punjabi and German)
2. Ten most spoken by number of countries (French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Mandarin, Malay, Swahili and Russian.)
3. Six Official Languages of the UN (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish)
Learning Foreign Languages can help you:
Become a translator
Become and Interpretor
Teach foreign Language
Become a language Blogger
Ways to learn a new languages
Duolingo app & Babbel App for basics, grammer and vocabulary enrichment
Speaking with native speakers by meeting them online or offline.
Take Edx.org Language courses
Local Language schools (like Anatolia Education Centre and others)
You can combine the tools and classrooms ideas to learn even quicker
Ways to learn a new languages:
Verbling ( teach other people around the world)
Duolingo for schools
Skype with language learners
Unbabel App ( Teach machines and complete translation jobs)
Other online websites where you can sign up as a teacher for a class of students
Local Language schools (like Anatolia Education Centre and others)
Learning business is important whether you are an employee or an owner of a business. Try you hand at short business courses and degree crash courses
Short Specialized Accounting
Local e.g CPA
International e.g ACCA — ACCA also officially offers some courses through Edx
I cannot think of any other but you can find specialized courses in Business Accounting, Management, Procurement, Finance e.t.c
Crash courses
Some local university now offer private courses that take an average of about 2 years and you graduate with a recognized degree.
Online Full Degree courses
Bachelor(4years) and Associate(2years) degrees in Business Administration.
There are many other paths like these in Arts, Design, Engineering, Electronics, Health Sciences and Education that you can follow and be successful at.
I will keep updating this blog for more good ideas and opportunities for you. For personalized career advice, please visit Anatolia Education Centre and give us a call.

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