Technology in Education

The 21st Century world is currently being shaped by the application of technology in different sectors of the economy. The world is in Fifth gear in terms of development. Some of the most profitable businesses are technology based. People now prefer to trade in cryptocurrencies than the traditional stock market trades.

We are now at the advent of the internet of things (IOT). Education has to shape the world for the future. This can be accomplished through the effective use of technology in pedagogy. Learners in this generation are currently making use of digital gadgets in and outside the classroom. They have access to portable devices, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and smartwatches. Students are now more interested in communicating using their devices than face to face collaboration.

The teaching process has to adapt to these changes in the behavior of learners. Teachers can now make use of social networks to enhance interaction with students, through online learning. Students can now collaborate more efficiently using social networks.

The learning experience is now more learner centered, the teacher role now is to facilitate learning in the classroom and not the sole source of information. Learning can be enhanced by using presentations, videos. Students can gain access to quizzes, tests, and puzzles.

The future of education is bright thanks to the use of technology in education which has greatly transformed the learning process for a better world.

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